Photographer: James Thompson (2012)


Catherine revelled in this opportunity not only to perform Shakespeare but also to develop the character of Lady Capulet with the inclusion of Lord Capulet - the bestest bits! The whole rehearsal process and production was fantastic, not least because she got to do some stage fighting.

'Particularly fine performances from... Rowney as Benvolio and Lord/Lady Capulet'
(Elkin, The Stage)

'special mention must go to the stand-out performances... Rowney, who is a powerhouse when depicting Lady Capulet'
(Wetherall, Islington Gazette)


'it is the supporting roles that really impress in this show... Rowney's ability to switch from knife-wielding, strutting Benvolio to elegant stern Lady Capulet is remarkable'
(Giesler, Camden New Journal)

'multi-rolling... best exemplified in Catherine Rowney's easeful transformations'
(Unwin, The Harker)

'plays Benvolio with tender compassion and switches into the hard and indifferent Lady Capulet within a split second. Rowney's depiction of Juliet's mother as a cold and harsh woman who expects discipline and obedience without showing any regard for her young daughter's feelings is unsettling'
(Kopplin, UK Theatre Network)


This production of Romeo & Juliet was commissioned as an inaugural weekend of shows for a new amphitheatre in north London at the Lyttelton Playing Fields.

It was a wonderful commendation, with the challenge to move the production into a very different space! Thankfully the weather was on our side and we had a great few days playing to packed audiences.

Dates ran 29 June to July 2013.

Lyttelton Playing Fields