Catherine is thoroughly excited by the diversity afforded to her through radio drama. Not one to shy away from a challenge, she has ammassed an impressive portfolio of vocal work.

  NARRATIVES  (1:50)


Catherine has also been inspired to write monologues and scripts as a way of exploring and stretching her range of characters and accents further. If she had her own recording equipment I'm not sure she'd see the light of day!

  NEUTRAL: Truly Madly Deeply, Minghella  (2:39)
  RP: Elizabeth from How Low? Kaiser Phobos  (0:49)
  NORTHERN: 3 Voice Scene, Catherine  (2:20)
  LONDON: True Love, Catherine  (1:12)
  ESTUARY: Love and Money  (0:35)
  US: Summer, Catherine  (1:40)
  MIDLANDS: Apology, Catherine  (0:47)
  AUSTRALIAN: Maid of Honour, Catherine  (1:05)